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Document Management

Store, Track and Manage All Business Documents—Access Them Anywhere, Anytime

Over the years the term Document Management has meant a lot of different things, from managing copies and printing or box storage to various types of electronic content.

It has also been called Document Imaging, Knowledge Management and now Enterprise Content Management. Today it simply means the use of a computer system and software to store, manage and track electronic documents and electronic images of paper based information.

The main focus for On-Line Imaging has been to help our clients take traditionally paper intensive processes and turn them into efficient electronic processes. Paper files that have been digitized can be secured, shared, routed and stored. They can also be integrated with other electronic content. A legal file today may consist of scanned documents, emails, PDF’s, Word, Excel, Video and Audio files.

On-Line Imaging Solutions help you implement a solution to manage these files while improving processes and adhering to information governance and compliance standards.

Why Invest In Document Management

There are many compelling drivers in most organizations that alone justify the time and cost associated with deploying a document management solution. As a matter of fact, many organizations do a better job managing and securing their office supplies than they do their business-critical documents. Recent research has indicated that nearly 10% of an average office worker’s day is spent trying to locate existing information and documents.

Document Management Solutions Custom Tailored for You

Learn How On-Line Imaging can design a custom document management system for your organization.