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Solutions for Compliance

For many industries and organizations increasing legislative, regulatory and corporate compliance factors are the forefront of today’s initiatives.

These mandates must be complied with to avoid potential fines, penalties, sanctions, litigation and even imprisonment.

Keeping track of necessary documents is more important than ever and it is easier to achieve in a digital environment. Many of our clients implement one of our highly secure solutions to automate workflow, increase visibility and reduce the cost to comply with strict regulation requirements.

Some of the features our system that help with compliance include:

  • Secure access and authorization down to the document level
  • Controls that define and restrict functionality of who can do what with each document
  • Administrative consoles to manage users and groups of users
  • Encryption for documents at rest or on the move
  • Automated document workflows to enforce and track processes to meet compliance
  • Archival options to ensure longevity and compliance
  • Comprehensive and configurable reporting plus dashboarding

Why Invest In Document Management

There are many compelling drivers in most organizations that alone justify the time and cost associated with deploying a document management solution. As a matter of fact, many organizations do a better job managing and securing their office supplies than they do their business-critical documents. Recent research has indicated that nearly 10% of an average office worker’s day is spent trying to locate existing information and documents.

Case Study:

The Company was looking for an easy to use and easy to deploy Content Management Application with Workflow. They chose On-Line Imaging, Inc. to implement the FileBound System to onboard new accounts and verify that all required documentation is compiled, reviewed and approved to meet compliance mandates.


Information to help you better understand the issues involved, and the solutions available to you.

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