Industries We Serve and Workflow Automation Solutions We Provide

On-Line Imaging has been helping customers in various industries improve processes since 2000. Through the implementation of Document Management solutions we give our customers fast and easy access to information across their network or in the cloud. Our workflow implementations help customers define and refine processes while installing tools to measure progress and accountability.

We will deliver a solution that will be tailored to your specific needs. The staff at On-Line Imaging will leverage their depth of experience and training to provide you with exceptional service and software solutions. And since we only team with software vendors that provide easy to use scalable solutions that are proven to work, your return in investment will be realized.

Industries We Serve


On-Line Imaging helps Equipment Manufacturers, Ag Coops, and Equipment Dealers streamline day to day processes to improve efficiencies and enhance accountability.

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Banking and Financial Services

On-Line Imaging provides business process solutions to large and small financial institutions. We help manage volumes of information while streamlining processes and meeting regulatory requirements.

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On-Line Imaging has experience in offering solutions to both K-12 and Higher Education learning centers. We identify and redesign manual processes, while meeting legal retentions policies and guidelines.

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Government agencies are under pressure to provide an expanded number of services while trimming budgets. We can help to improve processes and service to constituents while reducing cost.

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On-Line Imaging assists healthcare organizations with taking organization paperless while introducing automated workflow and electronic forms. We help the Business Office, Human Resources, Pharmacy, and Accounting departments become more efficient.

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On-Line Imaging helps insurance companies and agencies to streamline and optimize information flow across departments and processes. We help reduce cost and risk, increase sales efficiency and customer service, and achieve regulatory compliance.

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On-Line Imaging has solutions to help with every phase of an order, production cycle, or internal process by managing the documents that drive these activities. We introduce workflow automation to increase visibility, process speed, and collaboration while addressing regulatory demands for long term retention and audit.

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Solutions We Provide

Accounts Payable Solutions

Invoices, expense reports, payment request each require approvals before they can be processed for payment. It’s costly to manually apply these rules, route the documents for approvals, and to manage the resolution issues that are identified during the process.

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Accounts Receivable Solutions

The On-Line Imaging solution provides easy access to the right information to ensure that the accounts receivable process runs smoothly and the cash keeps flowing.

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Human Resources Process Automation

Your employees are the life blood of your organization. Your success is dependent upon your ability to hire the best possible talent, retain and motivate these resources, and protect yourself from litigation and compliance issues.

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Workflow Automation

Workflow automation allows you gain better visibility into your processes so you can look for areas of improvement, and this added accountability helps drive staff productivity.

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Solutions for Accessibility

The solutions provided by On-Line Imaging help you take paper-based processes and turn them into efficient digital processes with varying degrees of security and accessibility.

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Solutions for Compliance

On-Line Imaging can implement one of our highly secure solutions to automate workflow, increase visibility, and reduce the cost to comply with strict regulation requirements.

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