On-Line Imaging

Document Scanning and Conversion

Turn Your Documents into Data

On-Line Imaging provides a wide range of document conversion services.

We don’t just sell the tools. For any job, big or small, we can handle the actual conversion of your documents for you.

You give us the paper, you’ll get it all back electronically – fully converted and organized according to your needs. On-Line Imaging has converted over 160 million pieces of paper to digital images.

On-Line Imaging Document Conversion Services

  • Historical Backfile Conversions – If you don’t have the time or manpower to convert all your old paper documents to electronic files, we can do that for you. We will also index and load the documents into your system based on your specifications.
  • On-Going Scanning & Data Entry Services – We can pick up your documents daily, weekly, monthly – you name it. We will scan, index and convert them so that you can retrieve them at your desktop.
  • Outsourced Daily Scanning, Data Capture and Data Entry – We can manage your paper or electronic documents on an ongoing basis. We will turn your information into data so that you can retrieve it from you desktop or mobile device, and present data for import into your system.
  • Outsourced AP Processing – Sometimes outsourcing just makes sense. On-Line Imaging can manage incoming paper or electronic invoices and enter them into an electronic workflow for you. Outsourcing the front end capture saves you the investment in ever changing front-end capture technologies and the labor to operate the process. We can present your data in a format for import into your accounting system.

Take Control of Your Paper Documents

Learn How On-Line Imaging can help turn your paper documents into easy-to-manage, useful data.