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Human Resources, Workflow, E-Forms Case Study

Case Study: Human Resources

A retailer was building a new store 650 miles away and needed an efficient method for onboarding 750 new employees and then housing the information with the historical employees at the home office.

Their current Human Resources Software lacked a good way to onboard large volumes of employees using Electronic Forms and Workflow. The Software also struggled with an efficient method to attach multiple documents to the employee file.

Customer Profile

The customer is one of the larger home furnishing stores in the U.S. with 4 locations selling furniture, flooring, electronics and appliances. The company has over 4000 employees and millions of square feet of store and warehouse space.

Business Challenges

Customer is always looking for faster and better ways to handle internal business processes. The volume of transactions for the company had recently doubled and was looking to double again. The challenge for Human Resources was finding a better way for recruiters to manage the paperwork for new hires and get that paperwork securely to the main office.

The paperless process saved countless man hours of managing paper and getting it to the home location 650 miles away.


On-Line Imaging was currently supporting the document management process in multiple departments and was contacted by Human Resources to look at automating the New Hire and On Boarding process. The window for finding a solution then implementing and training was only 2 months. On-Line Imaging designed Electronic Forms and implemented the FileBound Cloud Solution in a matter of weeks and gave the customer 30 + days to test. During the Job Fairs, recruiters were able to access necessary forms via tablets and capture electronic signatures from the Job Applicants. These forms were instantly filed away in FileBound and started down a workflow. The recruiters would then work with the applicant filling out additional paperwork during the recruitment and on-boarding phases.

Once the applicant was hired the Application Packet in FileBound was transformed into an Employee File by the click of a button. Once the Employee File was created the Payroll and IT departments were provided an automatic email with the necessary information that they need to onboard the employee in their respective departments. After the successful implementation of these processes the customer contracted with On-Line Imaging to scan over 300 boxes of Active and Term Employee files into the FileBound system so that all employee files are now electronic and secure.


The customer was able to implement a process that was more robust and more efficient than what was offered in the HRIS system. The paperless process saved countless man hours of managing paper and getting it to the home location 650 miles away. The Human Resources department could monitor the workflow of paperwork throughout the new hire process and identify any bottleneck and create reports. The security inherent in the FileBound system ensure that all personal information was locked done and accessibility was limited and tracked. The Cloud Solution from FileBound was easily vetted by the IT department and quickly implemented by On-Line Imaging.

The challenge On-Line Imaging was asked to solve involved helping Human Resources find a better way for recruiters to manage the paperwork for new hires, and get that paperwork securely to the main office—via tablets and mobile devices.




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