On-Line Imaging

PSI:Capture Videos

These videos highlight the specific features of the PSI Capture system.

EasyAP Intermediate Solution: Automation for Invoice Header Extraction

This is an example of an intermediate solution for automated invoice header extraction.


PSI:Capture Immigration and HR Forms to FileBound

An overview of document classification using PSI:Capture v5 and routing to FileBound.


PSIGEN PSI:Capture Scanning and Capturing Medical Records

An overview of the PSI:Capture advanced capture product with regards to scanning and capturing medical records. PSI:Capture can migrate scanned documents to any number of backed systems, including Microsoft SharePoint.


PSI:Capture AP Invoice Scanning, Capture and Processing

An overview of both interactive and automated invoice capture.


PSI:Capture Document Redaction

An overview of the manual and automated redaction features within PSI:Capture 4.0


Dynamic Capture and SharePoint 2010

An overview of PSI:Capture 4.0, and its abilities to dynamically route to sites, libraries and folders, as well as build file names and set content types based on document metadata.


PSI:Capture Processing of Non-Image Files

PSI:Capture's Extended File Format(EFF) module allows capture, processing and migration of any file type to over 58 back end file repositories.