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Why Invest in a Document Management Solution from On-Line Imaging?

There are many compelling drivers in most organizations that alone would justify the time and cost associated with deploying a document management solution.

As a matter of fact, many organizations do a better job managing and securing their office supplies than they do their business-critical documents!

It’s true, that electronic documents are the very lifeblood of the modern business but are all too often taken totally for granted. Being successful in today’s economy requires a critical look at the costs associated with creating, processing, managing, and disposing of these critical documents.

Think of all the time and effort wasted as a result of inefficient document management practices. Recent research has indicated that nearly 10% of an average office worker’s day is spent trying to locate existing information and documents.

Typical Scenarios

  • High cost employees spending time looking or waiting for documents in order to complete important tasks.
  • Customer service requests requiring multiple calls because the right documents and information are not readily available.
  • It’s often easier to recreate documents than it is to find them resulting in redundant efforts and costs.
  • It’s impossible to figure out who has the latest version of a document resulting in redundant efforts in recreating work and extra effort to recover when various revisions overwrite each other.
  • There is an unnecessary usage of network storage and bandwidth, because documents are stored everywhere across the enterprise, rather than centralized.

It’s also important to consider the risks organizations expose themselves to without the proper document security and control:

  • If security isn’t applied consistently important information and documents can be exposed to potentially inappropriate users and people
  • When critical documents are stored on laptops and mobile devices the risk of them being stolen or damaged at any time is increased.
  • Without a record of who  viewed and/or edited a document it’s impossible to audit a business process to uncover mistakes or inefficiencies.
  • Unless documents are systematically disposed of when legally possible added exposure to liability and litigation is created.

A document management solution from On-Line Imaging provides a consistent structure to the way you file, process, store, retrieve, and manage all of the critical documents that drive your organization. Some of the key benefits from one of our solutions include:

  • Immediate access to documents
  • Improved security and control of documents
  • Improved business processes through automation controls
  • Operational cost reduction through improved efficiencies
  • Compatibility with Go-Green mandates
  • Better management insight into employee productivity through reporting
  • Improved employee morale and customer satisfaction

Why look to On-Line Imaging for your document management solution?

Because since 2000 we have been successfully implementing document management and business process automation solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Also, when it comes to knowing the realities of document conversion and document management, our founders have over 35 years of experience to develop and guide your information management strategy.

We want to be your trusted advisors.

  • Our team has converted more than 125 million pages for customers in the Midwest over the past 10 years.
  • We have provided conversion, consulting and solution implementation services you need to be successful.
  • We’re always on the lookout for new technology and solutions that can impact your bottom line.
  • Our staff is innovative, reliable, and eager to help.
  • We promise to always take the time to understand your business and your needs to recommend the best possible solution for you.
  • Our goal is to help you maximize your return on any investment you make in document management through us.

Why not meet with us to see what we can do to help your business become more efficient, more scalable, and more profitable.

We are in business to help you improve yours!

Case Study:

Heavy Equipment Dealer Streamlines AP Processing Across 60+ Locations
Through a decade of impressive growth, RDO Equipment Co. has been able to hold the line on accounts payable costs while providing a high level of service across nine states using Upland’s FileBound.

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