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Workflow Automation

How can you eliminate inconsistencies and inefficiencies in the way work gets processed?

How can you ensure that policies and best practices get consistently applied? How can you measure the quantity & quality of work output so that you can identify areas in need of improvement? 

The answer is Workflow Automation

Controlling your business processes delivers compliance and improves your results.

You and your management can’t always be there to enforce your business processes. With On-Line Imaging workflow you don’t need to be. By applying workflow automation, you gain better visibility into your processes so you can look for areas of improvement, and this added accountability helps drive staff productivity.

Step 1. Design

The first step in implementing workflow automation is to understand what, who, how, and when a step in a business process needs to be done. Once you understand these configuring a Online Imaging micro-step to look for, assign, track, and report the completion of a step is intuitive and easy to refine to maximize results.

Step 2. Execute

Workflow automation allows you to maximize the value of your most expensive resource: your people. When you control business processes and task assignments your staff can perform more efficiently and effectively. Automatic notifications ensure that work always get done on time.

Step 3. Manage Change

Continuous change is the new normal in organizations today. Compliance, profitability, scalability, and your ability to compete can all be impacted by change. With workflow automation, you can see what is working and what is not so that as conditions change you can make iterative changes on the fly allowing you to embrace change instead of fearing it and turning it into a competitive advantage.

Move Your Business Forward

Workflow automation allows your organization to achieve continual improvement and innovation. By automating your processes and moving information from person to person, you eliminate bottlenecks, you have the ability to monitor productivity, and you empower your staff by providing everyone in the organization with the know-how needed to do their job effectively, efficiently, and in a compliant manner.

Case Study:

Heavy Equipment Dealer Streamlines AP Processing Across 60+ Locations
Through a decade of impressive growth, RDO Equipment Co. has been able to hold the line on accounts payable costs while providing a high level of service across nine states using Upland’s FileBound.


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