Case Studies

AG Coop Realizes Quick ROI with FileBound Workflow Implementation

The challenges associated with having over 70 locations are plenty for any business in any industry. The Accounts Payable department was burdened with an overwhelming task to find and collect all invoices to be paid to vendors. Accounts Payable staff spent too much time in constant contact with Location Managers and Vendors in resolving outstanding invoices. It was this paper chase that lead the Ag Coop to implement a FileBound Workflow Solution with a PSI Capture Automated Data Capture process.

Manufacturing Case Study

Company with 8 plants in six states was looking for a way to centralize and better manage and control Employee files and Accounts Payable and Manufacturing Documentation. They wanted to get the employee files out of the plant and back to the main office to ensure security and compliance. The company wanted the same system to help roll out a better AP approval process and to secure and allow for easier retrieval of customer files and manufacturing documents.

Human Resources, Workflow, E-Forms Case Study

A retailer was building a new store 650 miles away and needed an efficient method for onboarding 750 new employees and then housing the information with the historical employees at the home office. Their current Human Resources Software lacked a good way to onboard large volumes of employees using Electronic Forms and Workflow. The Software also struggled with an efficient method to attach multiple documents to the employee file.

Healthcare Document Management Case Study

A Healthcare facility specializing in Orthopaedic Care was growing fast in size and service offerings. The number of employees and patients served was expanding at a record rates. Having made the decision to implement an Electronic Medical Record System, upper level management was committed to taking the whole facility paperless. On-Line Imaging was brought in to implement a solution to improve efficiencies, manage growth and introduce paperless processes.

Seamless Data Conversion Expands Access to Millions of Documents

In 2009, a city of nearly half a million people implemented a hosted solution to better manage millions of documents needed to serve its citizens. However, four years later, the system was not meeting expectations. Users couldn’t always find the documents in the system and sometimes the entire hosted site went down, completely preventing access to documents needed to do their jobs.

Georgetown Independent School District

Georgetown Independent School District (GISD) is a rapidly expanding school district located in Georgetown, Texas, just north of Austin. Out of more than 1000 independent school districts in Texas, they are the 74th largest. GISD has 16 campuses plus an administration campus. Georgetown Independent School District seeks to empower students to become life-long learners and leaders by providing quality education.